Activities of POA
CME programmes:
1. CME on Arthroscopy was first conducted by the Department of Orthopaedic surgery, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute on 30th September 2006. Dr. R. Krishna Gopal organized it with the following Faculties namely Dr. David .V. Rajan, Coimbatore, Dr. S. Arumugam, SRMC&RI, Chennai and Dr. B.Kanthimathi, RMMCH, Chidambaram along with two live surgical demonstrations (one on arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using BTB graft by Dr. S. Arumugam, and the other one was arthroscopic Bankart repair by Dr. David. V. Rajan) 40 delegates attended this programme.
2. Second CME on Arthroplasty was conducted by the Department of Orthopaedic surgery, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute on 28th July 2007. Dr. S. Ravichandran organized it with four renowned faculties. Prof. Vernon Lee CMC, Vellore, Dr. Vijay. C. Bose, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Dr. Guruva Reddy, KIMS, Hyderabad, and Dr. Balasubramaniam, Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore were the Faculties. About 100 delegates attended. The progamme included two live surgical demonstrations (Total hip arthroplasty by Dr. Vijay.C. Bose and Total knee arthroplasty by Prof. Vernon Lee). This also included a bone model workshop and panel discussions in the evening at Hotel Sunway with dinner.
3. Third CME on “Current trends in managing spinal problems” was conducted by the Department of Orthopaedic surgery, Aarupadai Veedu Medical College on 24th November 2007.The faculties were Prof. A. Rajamani, Madurai, Prof. James.J. Gnanadoss, MGMC&RI, Puducherry, and Dr. Appaji Krishnan, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. Prof. Rajamani did a live surgical demonstration on endoscopic discectomy.
Scientific meetings:
The Association has decided to conduct periodic scientific meetings with various faculties from different places of the country.
The first such meeting was on 21st April 2007, by Prof. D.K. Patro, Jipmer, Puducherry where he delivered a Guest lecture on Giant cell tumours at Hotel Anandha Inn, Puducherry.
The second meeting was on 7th June 2007 at Hotel Sunway by Dr. S. Rajasekaran, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. The topic was Management of Compound fractures.
On 6th October 2007 third meeting was about Paediatric trauma highlighted on management of femoral fractures by Prof. Virsha Madhuri, CMC, Vellore, at Hotel Sunway.
Post-Graduate Clinics:
An interactive post-graduate clinical teaching was planned to be held regularly at different institutes in Puducherry. In view of this first one was held at Jipmer, by Prof. D.K.Patro on 11th August 2007. The next such was on 23rd November 2007 at MGMC&RI by Prof. S.N. Mothilal.
Academic Activities:
The general body meeting of POA was conducted on 10.01.09 at Hotel Sunway- GRT Grand. It was attended by 38 members. The President Dr.James G.Gnanadoss presides the function and the secretary Dr.Krishnagopal read the agendas of the meeting.

Agendas :
  1. ICL 2009

ICL 2009
It was decided to conduct the ICL, on 30th May 2009 at Pondicherry. Venue will be decided within a week by EC. JIMPMER auditorium was the every bodies choice. Main concern is the budget. It was decided the new office bearers will be the organising committee for the ICL 2009. The theme of the ICL will be “ INJURIES AROUND THE ELBOW”. It was decided that the morning session from 8.30 to 1.00 with lectures followed by lunch (1.00 to 2.00pm) and one hour panel discussion and interactive session. 2hrs workshop( Bone model / video demonstration) followed by dinner. The Registration fess was fixed Rs 1000 for Delegates and Rs500 for the Post Graduates

The following office bearers were unanimously elected by the members of General Body and it was decided the period will be for two years.

President Prof. K.R.Thyagarajan
Secretary Dr.S.Ravichandran Dr.Lakshmibody Dr.Sekar
Treasurer Dr. Biju Raveendran Dr.Veerappan Dr. C.J.Ravi
Vice-President Dr.Pandian Dr.Ravichandran Dr. James gnanados
Joint Secretary Dr. Veerappan Dr. Natarajan Dr. Biju Raveendran
Editorial Secretary Dr. Jagdish Menon ( by GB members)
Executive Members Dr. Sekar      Dr. Dubey Dr. Natarajan     Dr.C.J.Ravi     Dr. Pragash
Since the elected president Prof.K.R.Thyagarajan has not attended the meeting due to health problem Prof. James Gnanadoss handed over the POA Presidential Medal to Vice President Dr.Pandian and requested to hand over it to the president Prof. K.R.Thyagarajan.

The New office bearers were took over the charges of POA for next two years

The Secretary Dr.S.Ravichandran delivered heartily thanks to the members on behalf of new POA office bearers and the following points were discussed in GB and it was approved for further proceedings.

  • Every monthly meeting on 3rd Friday ( 8.30pmto10.30pm)
  • Every month PG teaching program on 3rd Friday in each institution between 2.00pm to 4.00pm
  • At least 2to3 CME programs per year
  • Annual meeting/ POACON ( Month-June)
  • Communication thro E-Mail only( to reduce expenditure and delay)- E-Mail ID is must
  • Approval by OASIS as Full Membership- Letter to be sent to Sec.General OASIS
  • Approval by IOA( life membership >100)
  • POA PG medal exams
  • POA PG fellowship training.( Sponsors/ Selection -Based on merit by committee )
  • Panel discussions for PGs- once in 6months
  • POA Journal (At least One in a year)
  • POA health Club.( Periodical Health Check up, Family Health Insurance)
  • POA Sports Club( Regular/annual sports meet)
  • POA Annual family meet with moonlight dinner/ family tour)


  • Venue ( Fixed to HOTEL THE GRT- SUNWAY)
  • Expenditure: ( Sponsors – 6 meetings by a pharma company- IPCA LAB, remaining will be sponsored by the PG INSTITUTIONS- AVMC, MGMC, PIMS, JIPMER, GH , VINAYAKA KARAIKKAL )
  • Menu ( Economic)
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm – 2 guest lectures from members(15mts each) and 2 scientific paper presentations (10mts each). If a Guest lecturer from out side, the time for lecture will be for 30mts
  • 9.30pm to 10.00pm – Interesting case discussions
  • 10.00pm to 10.15pm- Association monthly GB
  • 10.15pm onwards dinner


  • 3rd Friday of every month
  • Permission form HOD’s of all institutions- Letters will be sent from POA OFFICE
  • Attendance of PGs
  • Venue ( All PG institutions)
  • Program co-ordinator. (Asst. Prof. from the venue)
  • Examiners: Professors/ Assoc.& Asst. Professors, Senior consultants etc.,


  • MGMC & RI ( first POA PG clinic meet on 20th February 2009)
  • PIMS
  • AVMC

  • Ideas for fund raising
  • Sources: Pharma / Implant companies & CME/Conferences
  • Individual institutions & members interest to get sponsors for monthly meet
  • At least support is necessary from members for the sponsors in their business

Prof.James Gnanadoss, past president of POA ,thanks the team of the organizing committee of oasiscon 2008,and all the members of POA for their support towards the conference as well as to the Association during his period of presidency. He also congratulate the new office bearers and deliver his special wishes to President Prof. K.R.Thyagarajan for the presidentialship.

Dr.Krishnagopal, Past secretary delivered his sincere thanks to all members for their support towards Association and the OASISCON 2008.

Dr. C.J. Ravi, AssociateProfessor, VMMCH, Karaikkal, donated Rs 1000/- towards the corpus fund to the Association.

Dr. Bernad Raj, Villupuram joined in the Association as a new member

Finally Dr.S.Ravichandran, secretary delivered vote of thanks and the meeting is adjourned to next month ( 20th February 2009.)
POA PG clinic was conducted at Dept. of orthopaedics MGMC&RI on 20.02.2009. Prof.Mothilal along with other teaching faculties from Dept Of Orthopaedics conducted the clinical discussions. 14 Post Graduates from JIPMER(4), AVMC(3), PIMS(2) and MGMC&RI(5) students were participated. 2 long cases(Hip) and 3 short cases were discussed. Meeting started by 2.30 pm and ends by 4.30pm.

In the evening at Hotel Sunway-The GRT Grand POA Monthly Meet-February 2009 was conducted. About 43 members includes Prof. Patro, Prof. Mothilal, Prof. James.J. Gnanadoss, Prof. Kanagasabbi were attended the meeting. Since President Prof. Thyagarajan was not able to attend the meeting due to unavoidable circumstances, Association Vice-President Dr.Pandian Presides the meeting and the Secretary Dr.S.Ravichandran conducted the show. It was started by 8.45Pm with silence prayer followed by welcome address by the secretary. Secretary introduced the Chief Guest Prof. R.H.Govardan, MMC Chennai to the members and followed by Scientific presentations. 4 cases from MGMC&RI were presented by PG students and the discussion went on well with senior Professors by consultants and Pgs

About 9.15pm Guest lecture was started by Prof. R.H.Govardan. He delivered two lectures on “Fracture Neck of Femur in Adult and Childhood” and “ Deformity correction of Proximal Femur”. Both lectures ends by 10.15pm

Prof. James J.Gnanadoss, President OASIS, appreciated Prof. R.H.Govardan along with Prof. MayilVaganan for his work on establishing the Orthopaedic Skill Station at the Dept. Of Orthopaedics, Madras Medical College, Chennai. He also requested to Prof. R.H. Govardan to arrange Orthopaedic Special Training for the Post Graduates from Pondicherry State through the Association.

The next month POA PG clinic venue was fixed to PIMS. Prof. Ganagasabbai, Dept.Orthopaedics PIMS will conduct the March 2009 POA PG Clinics on 20.03.2009 in their Department. The Next POA monthly meet was also confirmed to the same date( 20.03.2009) at Hotel Sunway . Secretary invited all the members for the “Satellite Symposium on Peri Prosthetic Fractures” by Dr.Surinaraya, Consultant Apollo Hospital, Chennai on 28.02.2009,at Hotel Sunway which is going to be conducted by Johnson & Johnson pharma division. Finally secretary delivers the vote of thanks and the meeting was adjourned to next month
The meeting was started with one minute silent prayer

Dr.S.Ravichandran , secretary POA has given his welcome address followed by interesting cases discussion . 3 cases were discussed , mainly with post graduates from various medical colleges along with the Professors . Expert comments were given by both of the Guests Dr. Dirk, Dr. Ramesh babu for all the cases.

Dr. Dirk Burmann , from Bruder krenkanhaus St Joseph, Paderborn, Germany has delivered his chief guest lecture on “TOTAL ANKLE REPLACEMENT (TAR)”

Another lecture – “THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE LONGIVITY OF KNEE REPLACMENT” was given By Dr. Ramesh Babu from Spot Hospital, Chennai.

Prof. K.R. Thyagarajan , President POA, has delivered his presidential address and he thanks the chief guests for their great lecture.

Dr.Ravichandran, Secretary of POA has requested Dr.Dirk Burmann to sponsor at least two Fellows from Pondichery for the fellowship training in programme in Arthroplasty , he also promised to do his level best for the training programme in Germany.

Dr. Pandian, Vice President POA felicitate both the Guests and derived vote of thanks and Dr.Veerappan , Joint Secretary , POA requested the new members to enrol their names with the association.

The Meeting was attended by 57 orthopaedic surgeons
The Indian Orthopaedic Association Postgraduate Teaching Program was conducted at Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Puducherry on 1st and 2nd, October 2011. The meeting was organized by Department of Orthopaedics, Indira Gandhi Medical College under the leadership of Dr.Rajagopalan, Head of Department of Orthopaedics. The meeting was sponsored by Indian Orthopaedic Association and by Medical Council of India. The meeting was conducted under the auspices of Pondicherry Orthopaedic Association.

This is was the first time a National Level Postgraduate teaching program in Orthopaedics was conducted at Puducherry.

The program was inaugurated by Dr.Naresh Shetty, member, PG Education Committee of Indian Orthopaedic Association. Dr. Jayakumar, Director, IGMC&RI and Dr. Thiagarajan, President, Pondicherry Orthopaedic Association, offered felicitations. Dr. Rajagopalan, head of department of Orthopaedics, delivered welcome address. Dr. Naveen Nair delivered vote of thanks.

The IOA PG Teaching Program consisted of 6 sessions of Clinical case discussions, over 2days, with 4 long case sessions and 2 short case sessions. Over 15 cases were discussed. Other than clinical sessions, there were also 7 lectures by Faculty, radiology and Orthotics and Prosthetics sessions.

The faculty for the Program were

Dr.Anjaneyalu, Hyderabad

Dr.B.J.Kamath, Mangalore

Dr.Gopakumar, Trivandrum

Dr.Naresh Shetty, Bangalore

Dr.Rajamani, Madurai

Dr.Vijayaraghavan, Chennai

Dr.Thiagarajan, Puducherry

Dr.Mothilal, Puducherry

Dr.D.K.Patro, Puducherry

Dr.Boblee James, Puducherry

Dr.Veerappan, Puducherry

Dr.Krishnagopal, Puducherry

Dr.Rajagopalan, Puducherry

120 delegates from Kerala, TamilNadu, Puducherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh attended the program.
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